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F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

The F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco is the ultimate Adrenaline fueled Group or Corporate Hospitality Event.
You can choose if you want the track all to yourself or to invite selected guests. As you are paying for the exclusive use of the circuit, the event can be branded to your requirements
Join the jet-set on this exclusive weekend of Formula 1 action in the Internationally renowned playground of Monte Carlo. Also Available at Barcelona and Magny Cours

This really is "The Ultimate Driving Experience" Reviews, Dates, Prices, Frequently Asked Questions

Stay in a Quality 4 star Monaco hotel and drive the streets of Monaco, used as for the Monte Carlo Grand Prix Circuit then drive a real unrestricted ex Formula 1 Paddle Shift 650 bhp Formula I Grand Prix Car around the Circuit du Var.

Don't mistake this for a 2 minute driving experience, this is the real thing, a full days driving course with theory and practical tution from race profesionals, including driving experience in an F3 car before you are let loose in the ultimate driving machine the Formula One car.
And if that is not enough of an adrenaline rush you can book a sensational ride in a 3-seater F1 with an ex-F1 driver at the wheel!

Experience the thrill of driving a genuine Formula 1 Grand Prix car, with unrestricted power around the Circuit Du Var, France and drive the streets of Monaco GP Circuit.

F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

Stay in a quality 4 star luxury hotel in Monaco, which is home to many current and ex Formula 1 drivers, including BBC Formula 1 Commentator, David Coulthard.
Drive a lap around the streets of Monte Carlo, used every year for the Monaco Grand Prix circuit

Take advantage of an optional helicopter ride over the apartments owned by some of the current and former Formula 1 drivers

Following extensive training you will drive a 3.5 litre 650 bhp unrestricted Formula 1 car around the 2.2 kilometre Circuit Du Var, in Provence, France. The Var circuit, is a former test and development track for the AGS team engaged in the F1 World Championship, with long bends, two straights, heavy braking.

Selected dates are available from March to October  ENQUIRE about Availability for your Formula 1 Experience.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

F1 Driving Experience Monaco Example Itinerary

On this amazing experience you can also visit the Casino de Monte Carlo and be able to drive a lap around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit in a road car - all from the base of your luxury hotel in the very heart of the principality!

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

Smaller groups can somtimes be accommodated within pre-arranged Course dates shown below

For larger groups or if you simply want the circuit all to yourself to share Drive a Formula 1 Car Hospitality with your friends, arrangements can be made available on alternative dates, between March and November.

F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco


Dates and Prices shown below are based on 2019 (Availability Updated 18th December 2018)










Group Bookings
Other dates may be available between the period March to October for Group Bookings. Please contact us for a full list of dates to suit.

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco


Any prices shown below are per person and for guidance only.

The actual price will depend on your individual requirements for a "Tailor Made" F1 Private Track Hire or Group Hospitality F1 Driving Event.

The cost of the trip as proposed is based on two people sharing twin rooms (drive plus 2 nights Monaco hotel).
A drive only option is available for the 1 day Formula 1 driving course.
The specification and group size can be amended to your requirements, please ENQUIRE. for a personalised quotation.

Monte Carlo Performance F1 Course Drive Experience with Monaco hotel stay - From £3,360 GBP (drive plus 2 nights Monaco hotel)

Monte Carlo Performance F1 Course Drive Experience - From £2,730 GBP (drive only)

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.

All prices are subject to final confirmation by individual Event Promoter at the time of booking.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

Any prices shown below are per person and for guidance only.

The actual price will depend on your individual requirements for a "Tailor Made" F1 Private Track Hire or Group Hospitality F1 Driving Event.


Non Driving Guest  £199 GBP

Guest(s) at circuit only (max 3 per driver) includes lunch   £70 GBP p.p.

Single Supplement - per night  £249 GBP

Extra Laps Performance F1 Course  £298 GBP per lap

2 Seater F1 Ride (Only Available as an add on to F1 Driving Course Package) - £329 GBP

Personal on board USB stick/DVD of your F3/F1 drive - £97 GBP

Extra Night in Hotel (Price Per Room) - £239 GBP

Car Hire Price Per Day (If longer than included 3 day hire) - from £40 GBP

Damage waiver Insurance  £190 GBP restricts your liability to 1000 Euros - Your Liability without Damage waiver Insurance is 6,000 Euros

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.

All prices are subject to final confirmation by individual Event Promoter at the time of booking.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

Day 1 - Your optional hire car can be waiting at Nice Airport and Monaco is just 30 minutes away.
Your base for the weekend will be a quality 4 star Monaco Hotel.

Monte Carlo itself requires no introduction. The spiritual home of Grand Prix racing, this world famous principality plays host to the most glamorous Grand Prix of all and is a year-round magnet for royalty, celebrities and the super rich from all four corners of the globe.

Fortunately you don't need to be a millionaire to visit here as there are a large selection of quality restaurants and places of interest to visit that offer surprisingly good value (a detailed guide is supplied prior to travel). Those intent on spending a fortune though will be relieved to find that they are more than well catered for!

F1 fans visiting the principality for the first time will marvel at seeing just how tight and twisting the Grand Prix circuit is flying round it at 200mph simply defies belief!
You will also have the opportunity to drive the circuit yourself in your (optional) hire car supplied (presumably at a slightly more sedate pace!).

The impact Formula 1 makes here is clear, from specialist shops offering superb memorabilia and art galleries displaying stunning works of automotive art to the more predictable themed bars and restaurants. In fact where ever you go in Monaco you will never be more than a couple of hundred metres from a current F1 driver's apartment as over half of the current grid lives here. Say no more!

The rest of the day is at your leisure to relax and enjoy Monaco.

Day 2 6 a.m. After an early morning breakfast it's off on the 1 hour 45 minutes drive along the coast to Le Luc and the Circuit du Var. Upon arrival at the circuit you will be welcomed with coffee and croissants and kitted out in your FIA approved safety equipment.
Everything is of the finest quality with changing rooms and showers more akin to a health club than a race circuit.

Your Chief Instructor, Patrick Gaillard, is an ex-Formula 1 driver having raced with British Team Ensign in the late 1970s. Patrick speaks excellent English and is a charming host, excellent instructor and extremely talented driver. Patrick himself hosts the morning briefing before taking all drivers out onto the circuit in a mini-van to learn the track and demonstrate the correct lines, braking points etc.

With the theory taken care it's time to put it all into practice. With wings, slicks and over 400 BHP per tonne the F3's are faster than any road car and a fantastic experience in their own right. You will have 2 times 20 minute sessions on track to refine your technique and build your speed. Between each session there is a one-to-one debrief with your instructor.

With the morning sessions complete there is a tour of the Formula 1 workshop - an impressive facility with over 10 different Formula 1 cars before the group break for an excellent 3-course lunch served in the restaurant overlooking the circuit.

The post-lunch F1 briefing covers all the important aspects of driving the F1 including the starting and safety procedures, all entirely necessary considering the cars have 650 BHP, weigh less than half a Mini and are not restricted in any way. The performance can be conservatively described as astounding with 0-120mph coming up in less than 5 seconds and full carbon brakes that wipe off speed at a quite incredible rate.

The F1 you drive will be based on which course you have booked. It could be the classic F1 with manual box (all of which raced in the world championship) or one of the modern paddle shift AGS F1 cars or perhaps the ultimate a late generation Prost or Arrows with a semi automatic paddle change box.

They are all equipped with carbon brakes and race tyres. They are as the saying goes, fairly serious bit's of kit and unlike other so called "F1 Experiences" there is no de-tuned engine, no artificial rev limiters and of course you have the whole circuit virtually to yourself when you drive.

Taking the wheel of the F1 is really quite a privilege; the sound is intoxicating, the performance inspirational, the experience sensational. But rather than take our word for it we recommend you read the various press and customer testimonials, they really do say it all.

Of course even after you have stepped out of the F1 the action is not quite over. Your appreciation of the talents of F1 drivers will no doubt have been readjusted by your experience but now there is the opportunity to appreciate it first hand. You have "the best seat in the house" sat immediately behind the professional driver as you take to the circuit in the specially designed and constructed AGS-X2 2-seater Formula 1.

The day ends with a celebratory glass of champagne and the presentation of gifts and your certificate. You are now a member of a very exclusive and privileged club.

Back in Monaco and the evening affords time to take in some of the renowned Monte Carlo nightlife. Stop off at the Casino de Monte Carlo for a flutter on the famous green baize (VIP pass included) then check out the wide range of bars & clubs or simply relax in Casino Square whilst star-spotting. Life should always be like this!

Day 3 and after a relaxed breakfast there is ample time to simply kick back, relax by the hotel pool or explore the wide variety of attractions in Monaco. Before the flight home there is an optional final treat as you take to the air by helicopter to take in the amazing panoramic views of Monaco and the surrounding area by air. A thrilling way to end what must surely be the trip of a lifetime.

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco


This is an example suggested itinerary which can if necessary be altered according to your actual flight times:

Day 1 Arrive Nice, collect hire car & transfer to Monte Carlo. Arrive at Columbus Hotel or similar 4 star hotel, check-in, free time. Evening out on the town in Monaco

Day 2 0600 Depart for circuit
0745 Arrive at Circuit du Luc, Gonfaron, coffee / croissants
0800 Distribution of race equipment
0815 F3 Briefing
0900 Introductory tours of the circuit / 3 sessions on track in F3
1130 Visit to the Formula 1 workshop
1200 Lunch
1330 F1 Briefing
1400 Formula 1 sessions
1700 Optional 2-seater F1 ride
1730 Awards ceremony: Champagne, diplomas and gift
1800 Depart circuit

Evening Out on the town in Monaco

Day 3 0830 Breakfast (Optional) then morning at your leisure
1000 Helicopter flight over Monaco (Optional - Additional Cost)
Drive your hire car back to Nice airport for return flight home.

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco


Sponsors: Astilleros Imesa, Conseil General du Var, Paulo Fiori
Designers: Michael Costa, Christian Vanderpleyn, Mario Tollentino
Team Manager: Henri Cochin

ENGINE: Type: Cosworth DFR No of Cylinders: V8 Bore and Stroke: 90mm x 68.7mm Capacity: 3493cc Compression Ratio: 12.5:1 Maximum Power: 650 bhp @ 11,250 rpm Maximum rpm: 11,750 Block Material: Aluminium alloy Piston & Rings: Mahle Bearings: Vandervell Fuel & Oil: Elf Sparking Plugs: Champion Fuel Injection: Cosworth Ignition System: Lucas Weight: 315lb / 142.9kg

Gearbox: Coloni / Hewland 6-speed Driveshafts: AGS Clutch: AP

Front Suspension: Double Wishbones, Pushrod Rear Suspension: Double Wishbones, Pushrod Suspension Dampers: Koni Wheel Diameter: front 13in. rear 13in. Wheel Rim Widths: front 11.5 in. rear 16 in. Tyres: Goodyear Brakes: Brembo / Carbone Industrie (Carbon Fibre) Steering: AGS Radiator: Secan Fuel Tanks: ATL Instruments: PI Research

Wheelbase: 110 in. / 2794mm
Track: front 71in / 1803mm rear 66.7 in / 1695mm
Formula Weight: 1102.3 lb / 500 kg


ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.


Question. Do I need to have a competition licence to drive the Fl?

Answer. No, you need only be a competent driver in possession of a full driving licence.

Question. What is the minimum age to drive these F1 cars?

Answer. For F1 Driving Experience Monaco, you need to be 18 and over to drive F1 cars at Circuit Du Var.

Question. Are there any rev limits or restrictions on the cars?

Answer. No, the F1s are exactly as they were when they raced in the F.I.A. Formula 1 World Championship except for a smaller fuel tank fitted for safety purposes.

Question. Do I have to pay if I crash the car?

Answer. Yes, but the maximum liability is 6,000 Euros. You can limit the amount of liability to 1,000 Euros by payment of £190 pounds sterling damage waiver premium.

Question. Are we allowed to race?

Answer. There is no problem with you overtaking or driving quickly as long as you use the technique shown. The driving technique is designed to allow you to experience the full power of driving an F1 car both quickly and safely.

Question. Are there any size restrictions?

Answer. Drivers should be under 6'5" and weigh no more than 100kg (16.5 stones) although drivers marginally outside these limits can sometimes be accommodated, please call for details.

Question. How many F1 cars are available?

Answer. AGS have an incredible eleven F1 chassis of which six are normally serviceable at any one time. Never once in all the years of operation has a day had to be terminated due to car failure.




F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

F1 Driving Experience Monaco Reviews


"If you really want to know about acceleration, you need an F1 car. The AGS hardware with 3.5 litres of prime Cosworth V8, producing a furious 650 bhp at 11,000 rpm, has the potential to deliver such brain scrambling levels of acceleration it makes any road car feel like a milk float. The accelerator is a switch that triggers a chain of events so violent, so instantaneous that one brief exploration of its travel leaves you dizzy, shocked and utterly seduced. In skilled hands it must be good for a sub 3 sec 0-60 mph and 0-100 in well under 6 secs. Not even a McLaren F1 can live with that.

It's all you can do to hang onto the steering wheel with your left hand and keep throwing upshifts at the crazily powerful V8 with your right. I swear it feels like it would pull seven, eight maybe nine gears. No wonder slotting sixth delivers the same punch as a standing start in a quick road car. That I've brought the thing home in one piece and felt the unique kick in the kidneys at 160 mph that only an F1 car can deliver is an experience I'll cherish forever."
Richard Meaden - EVO Magazine

"...I upchange into fifth, a slight lift, and then through the big curve before pulling sixth and going for the revs. Oh my godddddd. The engines roar turns into a booming howl. I can literally feel it pulsing my eardrums and thudding my chest. A steam catapult hurls the car down the straight. The 2nd gear turn that was 400 metres away is almost on my nosecone. In sheer fear I brake harder than I have ever braked before and the car all but stops 50 metres from the corner!"
Kevin Blick - Editor, BBC Top Gear Magazine

"I watched as one middle-aged Cellnet agent sat in an AGS JH26 with 650 bhp of Ford DFR V8 behind him. While one mechanic removed the tyre warmers another plugged in the gas-charged starter. The man behind the wheel had never driven on a circuit before today nor driven a car with gears for 14 years. This was unreal!"
Peter Dron - Daily Telegraph

"I wanted to write and thank you and your team for organizing a fantastic three days away in Monaco for the F1 driving experience. We thought that your organisation and the whole event were of high quality and absolutely fantastic fun. We were still on a high when we got home in England."
Anthony Ettlinger - Microsoft

"Thanks for running a superb event. It'll probably not come as a surprise to hear that the grin is still deeply embedded on my face!"
Nick Hope - Leighton Buzzard

"....many thanks for the immaculate organisation of the weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it."
V. Berserik - London

"I just wanted to write and thank you for a great time in the South of France driving the AGS Formula 1 car. It was a real privilege. It's hard not to become an F1 bore telling friends just how fantastic the whole experience was. The course was some of the best single seat training I have received. It really was about as exciting as it gets Thanks very much for all that you did."
Ian Harnett - Hertfordshire

"Thanks again for the trip - the guys are still talking about it. Money well spent I feel!"
Adam Waddell - BBC Worldwide

"Many thanks for your kind attentions and organisation. This was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life & I feel that your personal involvement & guidance were extremely significant in a tremendous and most enjoyable event."
D M Corrie, Cumbria

"Thanks for helping me to experience one of the most exhilarating feelings of my life. It really was one in a million. Everyone on the BBC Top Gear trip had a fantastic time!"
Stuart Mays - Zenith Media

"Thanks for a fantastic weekend in Monaco. I'm still shaking from the F1 drive. I want to do it again!!!!!! See you next year."
Robin Taylor - by e-mail

"Just like to say thanks for arranging our trip. It was perfect from start to finish and felt like we were away much longer than the three days - a good sign of a good time! As this was a special birthday present for Gerard it was so important to me that it went well and he enjoyed it - I think that from the grin from ear to ear after the F1 it was a definite YES!"
Jo Cherry - Oxon

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.


F1 Driving Experience Private Track Day Monaco

What's not included:

Incidentals such as telephone calls, mini bar etc.

* Due to the international nature of clients flights are not included as part of the standard package. This allows attendees to arrange their flights to fit with their required timings and departure airports.

The price quoted is subject to final requirements, availability and specification at the time of booking.

Making a Booking
A deposit of 50% of the tour price is required to confirm your booking. 
Full Price Payable in Advance if Booking is Made 6 weeks (or less) before the Event Date

ENQUIRE about Availability of Formula 1 cars for your preferred date.





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