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Internet Travel Club - Web2move

Internet Travel Club is different

Change the way you think about booking travel services - forever

Our Vision

To enable subscribers to find the right travel products and services, chosen from the full range available in the market. 

Provide personalised travel information to assist subscribers in making informed decisions before you buy. 

Providing only the most relevant and useful text links to the information subscribers want.

Independent Travel Advice

Web2move Internet Travel Club was formed after listening to feedback from many holidaymakers and travelers.

Unlike many hundreds of other travel related web sites (owned by Tour Operators), who's main aim is to sell you one of their holidays, we are an independent company, looking to work for you.

Web2move Internet Travel Club's main aim is to help you save money on your travel arrangements.

Making arranging your own travel Easy

Our online service is designed to provide you with all the information that you need to make your own travel arrangements

Putting you in control

Book your Holidays, flights and accommodation, at the time and price to suit you.

Don't be forced into booking expensive package holidays a year in advance and paying "over the odds". Web2move Internet Travel Club will show you where an when to book for less.

Subscribe to benefit

Becoming a subscriber to Web2move's Internet Travel Club allows you to benefit from the experience of other travelers and shows you how you can make your own travel arrangements

Web2move Internet Travel Club provides subscribers with a one stop solution to all their holiday and travel needs.

Stop wasting time Searching

website after website for accommodation, flights, holidays and information.

Do you spend hours (or even days) on the internet searching for that special flight or holiday deal?

Do you ever feel that you are paying more for the same holiday or flight than someone else?

Are you worried that the dream holiday that you have just booked is cheaper from another travel company?

It's time to Stop the searching.

You have now reached the right travel site, to find out where and when you should book.

web2move will provide you with e-mail assistance on where, how, when and which companies to use for your travel bookings

How to get more holidays for less money.

How you can benefit by joining web2move Internet Travel Club

Becoming a member of web2move Internet Travel Club, by payment of a small regular membership subscription, will entitle you to receive the following benefits;


Web2move Internet Travel Club provides subscribers with a one stop solution to researching and planning all of their holiday and travel needs.

Stop wasting time searching website after website for accommodation, flights, holidays and information.

Web2move Internet Travel Club can provide you with�easy access to "independent advice"�from one place.

Using this "one stop" solution to planning all of your holiday and travel needs, saves you the frustration of searching different websites to obtain all the information that you need to make travel decisions more easily and quicker.

Membership of Internet Travel Club can save hours (or days) of wasted time, visiting multiple websites in search of relevant information.

Subscribe today, and try our services.

What does it cost?

In order for you to receive all of the valuable benefits outlined above, we ask you to make a regular membership subscription of £52 per annum.

Even if you plan to take only a couple of short break holidays each year, you should easily cover your subscriptions costs from the savings that you can make on your travel costs.

Subscribe today

Only £1 per week (payable annually in advance)

Services provided by web2move to subscribers are subject to our Terms of Business

Web2move "travel club" is an internet only service

Travel Club

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Internet Travel Club

Internet Travel Club is designed to give you much more

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In order to get the full benefits of web2move internet travel club, we ask you to subscribe

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